Chances are good that you have been driving on the highway and notice large hunks of tire tread on the side of the road left by a truck.  Those huge pieces of metal and rubber are not just left there; they tend to fly off of trucks as a result of unexpected tire blowouts.  The blowout and the debris can have serious, sometimes fatal consequences.

Tractor-trailer tire blowouts happen so often in the trucking industry that it is disturbing.  If a driver is not able to maintain control of a truck, he or she is in danger, and so is everyone else on the road.  Not to mention that flying debris can cause accidents as drivers try to swerve out of the way.

Truck drivers are responsible for checking the safety of the vehicle and the load, and this includes tire pressure and wear, before each and every trip.  A tire that is not inflated to the appropriate pressure, has wear on the tread, or damage to the sidewalls is in danger of blowing.  If a tire appears to be roadworthy, a manufacturing defect could be to blame for a tire blowout, or the trucking company may have been using the wrong type or size tire for the rig.

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