What our clients say about us

“Following a devastating automobile accident in 2011 in which I was severely injured and my car totaled, I retained Scott Mullins to represent me. The individual who struck me was uninsured and without funds. This was a complicated case involving my insurance carrier and the individual who rear-ended me. He and my insurance carrier were each represented by counsel.

Within little more than a year which included complicated depositions, suits and counter suits, Scott Mullins settled the case in my favor. In my opinion Scott is an outstanding attorney, excels in his knowledge of the Law , is exceptionally honest and a superior negotiator. Scott Mullins is his client’s best friend.”

-Malcolm H. Dubin

“I was referred to Scott Mullins by someone who Mr. Mullins had just won a personal injury case for. My daughter’s case was very complicated. My daughter was given too much potassium as a newborn in the hospital. She has brain damage because of this medical error.

I saw half a dozen attorneys, all saying the same thing; it’s too hard of a case and would be very expensive. Mr. Mullins took my case. He kept me informed on every level of my daughter’s case. I am happy to say Mr., Mullins and his team successfully settled my daughter’s case. It has been life changing. We moved from a house that was falling in around us to a healthy home. We were able to get my daughter an adjustable bed that she has needed for several years. Her needs will be met without worry. There are no words that can thank Scott enough for what he did for my daughter who greets everyday with a smile and everyone with a hug.”

-Karen Parsons

“Attorney Scott Mullins handled a large, real estate fraud case involving a large tract of land in Lebanon, Oh for me. At the time of the purchase, the seller failed to disclose the existence of a pending state order to repair a retention pond dam. Mr. Mullins filed suit for me and took multiple depositions in Columbus, OH. We initially lost in the trial court; however, Mr. Mullins filed an appeal. I personally attended the appellate court hearing to listen to the argument. I was very impressed with Mr. Mullins level of preparation and his complete command of the facts regarding my case. The appellate argument went so well that the seller immediately approached us regarding resolving the dispute. At mediation after the appeal, we were able to settle the lawsuit and I received enough compensation to fix my problem and move on with my life. Had it not been for his persistence in settling this matter, I would have been permanently and irrevocably financially harmed. Needles to say, I would strongly recommend using Mr. Mullins if you ever need an attorney of his caliber.”

-Kenneth Weiss

“Our family recently experienced a life changing event which left my spouse totally disabled. This was due to no fault of her own; it was the result of a medical procedure. Unsure as to what to do and how to proceed I began to look for legal counsel. I must tell you that I feel truly blessed to have contacted Scott Mullins. After meeting with Mr. Mullins and presenting the details of what took place. It was determined that there was indeed a case worth pursuing because of the catastrophic nature of the situation. Mr. Mullins assembled a team, I like to refer to as “THE DREAM TEAM”, who worked diligently on putting together the case, meeting all deadlines to keep the case moving forward and eventually ending in a successful outcome for my spouse and our family. I found Mr. Mullins and his staff to be kind, courteous, and compassionate. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for an attorney with high standards and principles. These are attributes not found very easily today.”

-Richard McCleese

“Working with Scott Mullins and his associates was like working with family. They are very caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable people. Every time we called they took the time to explain everything to us in simple layman’s terms. I have nothing but the highest respect of this law office and the people that work in it.”

-Neal Federle

“I was very fortunate Scott Mullins took my case. I had to go to court with the threat of having my driving license suspended due to an accumulation of tickets in a short time. Even though traffic cases were not his specialty, he took my case. My hope of keeping my license plummeted as every other lawyer there that day was agreeing to license suspensions for their clients, only requesting work driving privileges. When my turn came, Scott asked for my suspension to be set aside. Every lawyer in the court room turned to look and even the judge sat up a bit taller. It was as if EF Hutton had spoken. He presented an Ohio law that kept my license from being suspended and I walked out with my license in hand. After my hearing, every lawyer there came up to Scott to see the law that Scott had found. Only due to Scott Mullins’ diligent research did I keep my license. I will be forever grateful that I found him.”

-James Mulloney