When your life changes in an instant as a result of an injury or accident, filing a lawsuit is not the first thing that will come to mind- despite popular misconceptions of how personal injury lawsuits play out.  Most people are focused on simply recovering, whether it is from the unexpected death of a loved one or from an injury.

If someone else is at fault, victims should not wait to file a personal injury lawsuit until they are feeling better physically or until they have had time to grieve.  By that time, it could be too late.  How much time you have to file a lawsuit is known as the statute of limitations.  Statute of limitations vary from state to state.  In Ohio, most statute of limitations in personal injury and wrongful death cases are two years from the date the negligent act occurred.  However, you really need to consult with a personal injury attorney to determine the statute of limitations that applies to your claim.  There are cases that have a shorter statute of limitations so to be sure, contact personal injury lawyer, Scott Mullins to discuss your case.

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