crushed red ford SUV

Anyone who is involved in an automobile accident should obtain medical care right away.

It is also wise to seek an experienced attorney’s advice quickly as well.  Here are two good reasons:

1)    Serious injuries can take time to develop.  Signing a medical release immediately after a potential injury may prevent a victim from obtaining compensation for a medical condition that shows up weeks or months later.  An attorney can refer a victim to capable physicians or specialists for diagnosis and care, which cannot always be obtained in an emergency room.

2)    When several people-drivers, passengers and even pedestrians- are involved in a serious auto accident, injury compensation can reach insurance policy payment limits quickly.  In some cases, victims who believed that medical, rehabilitation, and other bills would qualify failed to receive payment because insurance dollars simply ran out.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an auto accident, call our office for legal advice.