woman holding her left arm that's in a white cast

In representing people who have suffered physical injuries or psychological harm, a key practice goal is to employ our civil justice system to “make them whole again.”  That may seem hard to understand, until you think about how your own life might change if you were to be injured.

Would you be the same parent, for instance, if you were disabled in an auto accident?  Probably not, because your condition might limit your ability to drive your children to school, or wash their clothes, or even hug them.

Would you be the same physical person after a slip-and-fall?  Perhaps not, if your spinal injury prevented you from working out at a gym or even walking around the block.

How about your ambitions and dreams?  How might loss of independence, for example, increase your financial worries, or darken your normally optimistic outlook that things always work out for the best?

Our legal system provides justice to those injured by the misconduct of others and deters future misconduct by holding wrongdoers accountable.  Our civil justice system makes a difference by making us feel “whole again.”

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