Our practice can help client obtain justice after personal injuries.  When innocent persons suffer serious injury from another person’s negligence, personal injury attorneys familiar with personal injury claims can help victims obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

An experienced lawyer can evaluate your claim, communicate and negotiate with insurance adjusters, locate experts to testify on a client’s behalf, if necessary and present the case at trial.

Tractor-trailer wreck

The Plaintiff’s tractor-trailer was stopped at a traffic light when the defendant’s tractor trailer was descending an exit ramp from I-74.  The defendant’s tractor-trailer was unable to stop at the light and struck the Plaintiff’s tractor-trailer broadside.

Although the plaintiff had pre-existing spondylolysis, the severe impact greatly aggravated his condition, necessitating extensive back surgery.

This Plaintiff needed the assistance of a personal injury attorney in order to obtain the settlement he was entitled to.  If you have a personal injury claim, contact Scott Mullins, a personal injury lawyer today for a free consultation.