Personal Injury lawyers have heard it all when it comes to accident cases.  There are things that you should say and do in the event of an accident; here are some things you shouldn’t say or do if you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident:

Do not admit fault 

Some people are naturally nonconfrontational and will accept blame to avoid causing a scene.  Never, ever admit fault or take blame by apologizing for an accident, even if you think an accident might have been your fault.  The fact is, accidents happen quickly.  Even those involved don’t often have a clear recollection of what happened or understand all the factors in play.

Do not forget to document the accident

Take photos and video of every aspect of the accident scene to show the damage to the vehicle, the position of the vehicles involved, and any other property damage.  If you sustained injuries, photograph them as well.  Having an official police report can be a valuable tool when negotiating with insurance companies.

Do not fail to get medical attention

Get medical attention as soon after an accident as you can.  Injuries from an auto accident can take days or weeks to fully emerge.  Unfortunately, when filing a claim for injury, waiting days or weeks to see a doctor can make an injury seem much less severe.  Plus, the sooner treatment starts for an injury, the better the prognosis for a quicker and fuller recovery.

Do not talk to insurance adjusters

It is always in the best interest of an insurance company to try to deny, limit or reduce a claim.  Instead, speak with a personal injury attorney who will represent your interests.  If you or a loved one was involved in an automobile accident, contact Scott Mullins, Injury Attorney today.