When used in a legal context, most people think the term witness refers to someone who saw or heard a specific event.  But one of the most valuable witnesses is one who had nothing to do with the actual case itself: The expert witness.

An expert witness is hired to provide knowledgeable opinions relevant to a case.  Witnesses can be crime scene investigators, doctors, nurses, chemists, constructions workers, economists- or any expert in any number of fields.  A common example would be hiring a medical expert to discuss physical injuries in the case of an accident.

Why would you need an expert?  A good expert will be able to educate the court in a complex concept.  Without being medical experts, a judge and jury have no foundation to pass judgment.  An expert witness should be able to efficiently and objectively provide these details.  A good expert who is familiar with your legal strategy can also be beneficial to a legal team by providing accurate information for lawyers to build a case around.

How to choose an expert witness

Choosing the right expert is important.  Of course, follow the lead of your attorney.  He or she works with expert witnesses regularly and has resources available within the legal community to find the best expert for a case.  When making a final selection, consider the following:

  •  Does a witness have the education, training and experience in the area desired?  Keep in mind, if an expert is rejected by the courts, it can present a negative connotation, especially to a jury.
  • Are their credentials strong enough to impress a judge or jury?
  • Is the expert familiar with legal proceedings and legal standards?
  • Is the expert a good communicator?
  • Is your expert witness objective?

The selection of an expert witness is something your personal injury lawyer should handle for you.  Scott Mullins, a Cincinnati Personal Injury Lawyer uses expert witnesses to develop and win his cases.  Contact Scott Mullins today to discuss your legal case and the best use of expert witnesses.