Accidents happen all the time, and most can be chalked up to bad timing.  But injuries can sometimes be directly attributed to the carelessness of another.  In this case, the party or parties at fault should be responsible for paying damages (property as well as physical and emotional injuries) associated with the accident.

Personal injury law has a lot of gray areas, which is why people need an attorney.  Basically, the plaintiff needs to prove they are injured and prove that someone else’s negligence caused the injury.  Here are a few questions that lawyers suggest people ask themselves when deciding whether to call an attorney:

  • Did the negligent actions of another cause the injury?
  • Is there physical or mental injury, substantiated by a doctor, from the accident?
  • Has the injury impacted employment or resulted in lost wages?
  • Did injuries result in permanent disability or require ongoing treatment?
  • Has the injury impacted everyday life?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, contact personal injury lawyer, Scott Mullins to discuss your options.

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