Whiplash is the everyday name for a serious injury caused when the head makes jolting backward, forward, or sideways snapping movements in a vehicular accident.  Experts estimate that three in five bodily injury claims involve whiplash.

Anyone involved in an auto accident who experiences whiplash should obtain medical attention to document the injury right away.  Then seek counsel of an experienced whiplash attorney.  Insurance agents and companies automatically question the legitimacy of whiplash injuries.

Many accident victims suffer temporary neck and back pain that goes away.  However, a medical- attention record can help an attorney file a claim for injuries should symptoms of longer-term neck, back and spinal problems return after a week or a month.

Whiplash symptoms may include blurred vision, chewing or swallowing difficulty, disturbed sense of smell, dizziness, fatigue, headache, insomnia, jaw or face pain, muscle weakness, nausea, psychological problems or ringing in the ears.

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