It is a constant source of confusion, starting in the emergency room with staff who request auto insurance information following a vehicular accident.  When injured in a car accident, especially when another party is at fault, many think that the bill should be directly submitted to auto insurance.  After all, paying damages caused by accidents is the sole purpose of carrying insurance.

While this may seem logical, it is very important to use health insurance coverage for medical treatment following an accident.  You may have medical payment coverage on your own policy of auto insurance, but you still want the hospital to submit the medical bills to your health insurance company.  You then can use the medical payments money available to you for any balances not covered by health insurance.  The hospital or third party billing companies contacting your on behalf of the hospital may try to tell you that you must provide them with you automobile insurance information.  This is not true!  If you have health insurance, Ohio law requires that the hospital or healthcare provider bill your health insurance carrier.

At Scott Mullins, Injury Attorney, we want you to focus on your treatment following a collision and not have to worry about medical bills, collection calls and insurance companies.  That is what you hire a personal injury attorney to handle.  If you have been injured in an automobile accident, contact Scott Mullins to discuss your claim.