Following an automobile collision, the insurance company will want you to provide a recorded statement.  Most people believe they must give a recorded statement and they have to provide the recorded statement to the insurance adjuster right away or their car will not be fixed.  That simply is not true.  This is one reason calling a personal injury lawyer is important.  Personal injury lawyers deal with insurance companies and adjusters every day and they know all the tricks they try in order to make sure they have to pay as little as possible on a claim.

A personal injury lawyer can help you prepare for the tricky questions an adjuster may ask during a recorded statement.  They will instruct you if you have to answer certain questions and they can even arrange for a time the recorded statement can take place when the personal injury lawyer is available.  The initial information you provide the adjuster is very important and can hurt your claim later if you allow the adjusters to trick or confuse you.  Make sure you are not taken advantage of and call Scott Mullins, a personal injury attorney before you provide the insurance company with a recorded statement.