You were the victim of an auto, slip and fall, or other accident.  You are recovering.  The pain has diminished, and muscle flexibility is back. You want to return to work.  The responsible party’s insurer makes a tempting offer, and you think about settling you injury claim.

That may be a mistake.  Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is a recovery stage each injured person reaches during healing.  For some, MMI means full recovery.  For others, MMI plateaus at incomplete mending, meaning that no additional medical treatment or rehabilitation will restore normalcy.

An experienced personal injury attorney will recommend resolving an injury claim only after a victim’s injuries and MMI are fully documented and when all past and future medical expenses, lost wages and future earnings, and other recovery needs have been calculated.

An attorney who understands an injured party’s MMI can put him or her in the best legal position to obtain fair comprehensive results from a claim.  Contact Scott Mullins, an experienced personal injury attorney, today to discuss your claim.