If you wonder what economic losses from a personal injury or other harms means, we’d like to explain.  When someone is injured because of another’s negligence, an attorney’s duty is to obtain restitution to compensate for harm and losses.

Lesser harm

Many cases involve lesser harm- for example, when a victim is expected to fully recover from injuries sustained in a minor auto accident.  Here, economic losses usually means recovering the cost of short term medical costs and related care, such as hospital expenses, physician’s costs, home health care, rehabilitation services, or skilled nursing.  Income loss is often another short term harm.  The attorney can seek to recover past income losses from the accident as well as future losses if the victim cannot do the same kind of work as before the accident.

Serious injury

In cases where a victim is seriously injured- a baby negligently harmed during childbirth, for instance- the attorney may require that a life-care planner meet with the victim, parents or guardians, physicians, and others to address issues and expenses required to facilitate the victim’s independence and improve his or her quality of life.  Costs may include funding education, future medical care, home health care, medical equipment, occupational therapy, physical therapy, residence remodeling, social skill development, speech therapy, and others- all designed to provide the young victim the opportunity to live as productive and full life as possible.

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