snarling dog with red collar

Animal experts and lawyers alike have noticed that the winter and holiday seasons bring an increase in dog bites. Several factors play a part in cold-weather cranky canines. For most of the country, winter is cold and daylight is short. For dogs, this usually means quicker walks and less exercise. Mix that pent-up energy with more houseguests, less attention, and owners who are stressed out, and it’s not hard to see why some dogs are more temperamental than usual.

Pet owners need to take extra responsibility during this time of year to make sure that their pooch’s physical and emotional needs are being met. Pets should get plenty of exercise and attention. When company is expected, owners should consider putting pets in another room or in a crate with some favorite toys, or, at least, one owner should be in charge of supervising the dog when guests-particularly children- are present. An owner of a dog who bites a guest is strictly liable for the injury, unless the person was teasing or tormenting the dog or was a trespasser on the property.

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