two clipart cars in a front end collision

We see it every day.  Cars crashing into each other on the highways, side streets, even backing out of a driveway!  As many auto accidents as there are, you would think that it is just bad luck or chance causing these accidents.  Often times accidents are due to negligence of the driver, and can result in compensation for the victim.

In general, life puts a lot of distractions in front of us.  There is an overwhelming amount of media to look at and our surroundings on the road, and at the same time we may be listening to music (possibly controlling it from our phones) and text messages or calls could be coming in.  We can only keep an eye on so many drivers while driving, and there is always the lurking danger of someone who is drinking and driving, endangering everyone around them.  The movement to keep phones out of our hands while driving is growing, but people still do it.  All of this is just the tip of the iceberg when considering distractions while driving.

You might be driving on the highway one day coming home from work, when all of the sudden your head whiplashes forward, and you realize that someone has crashed into the back of your car.  This was not your fault, and you begin to get concerned. “Is my insurance going to cover this?” “Will I get a ticket for this?” “Is the other person going to be fair about this?” The list goes on.

At the time all you can do is let the process play out, and make sure that after the incident you see a doctor to make sure you aren’t hurt.  Note exactly what happened, and maybe take some pictures to document the scene as well.  Also, make sure you get the information of the other party involved. See our full list of advice, here.

Scott Mullins and Company consults on these matters free of charge, and can pursue compensation for your injury.   We are also familiar with cases involving motorcycle accidents.  If you have any questions about your situation in particular, call us!