Even if you have a very safe car and drive with awareness, you can still become the victim of another driver’s negligence.  If you are in an accident, take steps to protect yourself and your passengers from further injury and other complications.

If you or passengers are injured, ask for transport to a hospital in an ambulance.  Always obtain medical treatment immediately.  Report everything you feel may be physically wrong to medical personnel.

Report the accident to your insurance agent the same day if you can.  Do not speak to the other driver’s insurance representatives.

Make an appointment and report all injuries to your family doctor within a day or two.  Comply with your doctor’s instructions for faster recovery.

Do not admit to any wrongdoing or sign any documents.

Retain copies of all medical bills and related accident expenses such as towing and repair.

Document any income loss associated with the accident.

If there are medical injuries or property damage, contact us as soon as you can.  We will advise you what to do.