10 things you should do when involved in an automobile collision:

  1. Make sure all parties are okay.  If not, you should call 911.  Even if you do not believe the injuries are severe, it is important to seek medical treatment to have your injuries documented in the event an accident claim is filed later.
  2. Take pictures of damage to vehicle.  Almost everyone carries a cell phone these days so there is no reason not to take photographs at the scene of the damage to the vehicles.  The photographs will be evidence in the future if there is a dispute regarding the severity of the impact.
  3. Make sure a police report is made.  This is important if an accident claim is made in the future.  The report should be made available by the responding department a few days following the automobile collision.
  4. Talk to any witnesses at the scene and obtain their contact information.  Do not assume the police officer will obtain the witness’ information.
  5. Call you insurance company to inform them of the accident.
  6. Do not give a statement to the other party’s insurance company.  Typically the insurance adjuster will ask that you give a recorded interview.  The recorded statement can be used against you in the future so you should contact a Cincinnati auto injury lawyer before talking to the other party’s insurance company.
  7. Consult with an experienced injury attorney before you sign any medical authorizations allowing the insurance company to obtain your medical records.
  8. Keep a diary of events surrounding the accident such as how you feel and note if you missed work due to your injuries.
  9. You should keep copies of all prescriptions receipts, hospital discharge instructions, doctor’s notes and co-pay receipts.
  10. Consult with a Cincinnati Auto Injury Lawyer before you settle your claim.  Insurance companies will try to get you to settle your claim early and for as little as possible.  It is in your best interest to consult with a personal injury to make sure you get the best settlement possible.