insurance form with a big red "rejected" stamp

What is insurance bad faith?  It’s when an insurer of businesses, disabilities, homes, lives, or vehicles refuses to live up to what it promised to do for a person in insured.

Just as you are obligated to pay premiums, insurers are obligated to love up to the terms of their policies.

Our clients have experienced many of the tactics that insurers use to avoid dealing with clients in good faith:

  • Offering an unreasonably low payment for an auto-accident claim
  • Unfairly delaying investigation of a homeowner’s property-damage claim
  • Misinterpreting policy language to refuse to pay a claim
  • Denying payment of a death-benefit claim by retroactively canceling a policy.
  • Unilaterally declaring that an injured or disabled worker is well enough to return to work.

If you have paid your premium and feel an insurance company has treated you unfairly, contact our office today.